Necklace No. 4


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Tourmaline is one of the rarest gemstone that come in all colors of rainbow. It evokes a genuine vibration of happiness and lightness of being. Known as the “healing stone”, it promotes the overall balance of one’s energy field.

3 ways Tourmaline benefits:

  • Negative ions generated by Tourmaline: Remember how you feel when walking along the beach or standing by the waterfall ? Soothed and relaxed. The air is rich in negative ions known as “vitamin of the air”. Tourmaline generates negative ions to create a natural micro environment around you.
  • Far infrared rays released by Tourmaline: Tourmaline releases far infrared rays, which permeates into deep parts of the body to activate cells, promote blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.
  • Bio electric current resonance effect of Tourmaline: Tourmaline generates faint electric current at 0.06 mA which matches with bio electric current of human being. The current resonance of human being. The current resonance effect improves micro- circulation, adjusts central nervous system and improves heart rhyme and blood circulation.


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